Find yourself “married” court this wave of operation “like”

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Qionglai resident Zhang Xx found herself “married” when she went to the civil Affairs Bureau to register her marriage.In a later appeal, however, the court ruled that his case had run out of time.What should he do at his wit’s end?What will the court do next?Learns little kam today, dayi court recently to deal with such a special case, and send that administrative organs in accordance with the judicial proposal in October 2021, dayi county court in plaintiff zhang so-and-so v. the defendant qionglai city civil affairs bureau, the third person with a marriage registration, discovery takes a marriage certificate issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs bureau in 2015,Is the identity information that others falsely use Zhang so-and-so and the third person Guo Mou deal with, cause zhang so-and-so cannot register marriage now.Frustratingly, Zhang’s prosecution has exceeded the legal time limit for prosecution and cannot be relieved through judicial channels.The registration of fake marriage not only affects the rights and obligations of the parties, but also seriously damages the marriage system.The dayi Court issued a judicial recommendation to the civil Affairs Bureau of Qionglai city, advising the bureau to follow the principle of seeking truth from facts and correct marriage registration errors such as inconsistency of witnesses or errors in registration results.After receiving the judicial advice, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Qionglai has carefully studied the matter and replied in a letter that it will correct the marriage registration problems mentioned in the judicial advice according to law and regulations on the basis of verifying the relevant circumstances.In the meantime, Zhang has been anxiously waiting for the results.The judicial advice was upheld a few days ago by the civil affairs bureau in Qionglai city, which cancelled the marriage license issued to Zhang in 2015.Article 46 If a citizen, legal person or any other organization directly brings a suit before a people’s court, it shall do so within six months from the date when it knew or should have known that the administrative act was taken.Except as otherwise provided by law.A people’s court shall not accept a lawsuit brought over immovable property that has been brought more than 20 years from the date of the administrative act, or any other lawsuit that has been brought more than five years from the date of the administrative act.Fang Maoyan reporter Chen Di responsible editor He Qitie editor Wang Juan proofread Liu Yonghao