Snapdragon 870+ Samsung E4 screen, this flagship can still play!Don’t wait for the Redmi K50

2022-04-24 0 By

Thanks to the snapdragon 888’s performance and power consumption, the snapdragon 870 was the most popular processor in the mobile market last year.The Snapdragon 8 chip just released this year “failed” again in terms of energy efficiency and heating, so even at the current point of time, choosing a Snapdragon 870 flagship is still the most appropriate choice and has more advantages in price.In the whole year of last year, the FLAGSHIP K40 series launched by Redmi received a lot of praise. Its powerful and comprehensive configuration is officially called flagship door welder, and users also think it is the flagship benchmark of 2000 yuan.The K40 performs well in both regular sales and shopping festivals, topping the top three almost every time, even when compared to the iPhone, and is one of the most popular Android phones.Everything in the phone has been slow for the last two years, even the core performance part, and the latest Snapdragon 8 offers little CPU performance improvement over Snapdragon 888.The performance of Snapdragon 870 is still flagship, and there is no problem in daily use and game scenarios. With the latest MIUI13, the user experience will be better.Starting with the K40 series, Redmi has also focused on the on-screen experience.The Redmi K40 features a Samsung E4 OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.In terms of hardware specs, the Samsung screen performs well at up to 1,300 nits of brightness, even in bright light at 900 nits.For such a flagship benchmark, the configuration is also very comprehensive: full function NFC, infrared remote control, dual speakers and a linear motor, can be described as a “bucket flagship”.In addition to configuration, however, K40 is also a big advantage in appearance design and feel. Its 7.8mm ultra-thin thickness and ultra-small screen opening make the overall design very mature.Currently, the price of Snapdragon 8 flagship is generally around 4000 yuan, and the overall power consumption and heating performance is not ideal, so it is undoubtedly a wiser choice to choose THE K40 that has been tested by the market.In terms of usage, the K40 is not much different from a top-class flagship, except in the aspects of workmanship and texture that do not affect the experience.