Hangzhou suspended the sale of “antipyretic, cough, antiviral, antibiotics” and other four categories of drugs

2022-05-02 0 By

In view of the current severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in Hangzhou, in order to resolutely block the transmission route of COVID-19 and effectively contain the spread of the epidemic, hangzhou has suspended the sale of four categories of epidemic surveillance drugs (hereinafter referred to as “four categories”), including “antipyretic, cough relieving, antiviral and antibiotic”.The specific measures are announced as follows: 1. In Hangzhou, the sales of “four types” of drugs (including retail pharmacies and online sales) will be suspended, and the list of banned drugs includes 693 kinds in the “provincial Retail Pharmacies’ Regular Epidemic Monitoring and Alert System”.2. All retail pharmacies and platforms are requested to consciously abide by the above regulations and cooperate with the suspension of sales of category 4 drugs and other work related to epidemic prevention and control.3. Please supervise actively. If any entity drugstore or third-party Internet platform violates the regulations without authorization and still sells the above “four categories” drugs in Hangzhou, you can call 12345 to report.We hereby inform you.Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration January 27, 2022