Joyami, a brand new overseas brand of Chunmi Technology, was launched to enjoy the delicious moment

2022-05-06 0 By

On March 15, Joyami, a young intelligent kitchen appliance sub-brand of TOKIT, launched its debut in Malaysia.The debut brought 4 kitchen appliances with full sincerity, also announced that the group formally entered the Southeast Asian market, improve the brand layout in the global market.Following TOKIT’s successful debut on Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, in June last year, Chunmi technology is moving ahead at full speed, accelerating the pace of the brand going overseas.According to the differences in the global market, the company has gradually established a new dual brand strategy: TOKIT, a high-end intelligent brand, for global users;Joyami sub-brand, which focuses on youth and cost-effectiveness, will focus on the Southeast Asian market.With this layout, we hope to bring a more intelligent and subversive kitchen experience to users around the world.It is not easy to polish the brand across the mountains and seas, and also to polish the brand of the kitchen appliance industry of the team to go abroad. Many overseas users’ cognition of Chinese products still stays in the stage of OEM.How to be seen and selected by more consumers in many global products is a topic that Chunmi has been exploring.Under the environment, in 2021, the world is also faced with rising raw materials, tight chip supply, soaring international logistics and other problems, which pose various challenges to brands going abroad.In terms of products, southeast Asian dietary habits, cooking habits, culture and other differences also affect the brand’s adaptability in foreign countries.In this context, our team solved the environmental problems one by one, such as actively looking for raw material alternatives, conducting on-site testing, focusing on quality, planning market demand at the sales end, and preparing materials in advance at the supply chain end to solve raw material problems.At the same time, we also cooperated with local partners to conduct research on the cooking habits of local users, develop recipes and patterns suitable for local characteristics in Southeast Asia, and conduct localization tests before launching to ensure that products meet local users’ needs.When a brand goes abroad, it is not only the advantage of the supply chain, but also the coordination ability of the team from r&d, production, sales, after-sales and other industrial chains.In the past two years, Chunmi has constantly optimized the team, explored and accumulated methodology, and made every effort to be steady and upright on the road to sea.Joyami is mainly aimed at young consumers in Southeast Asia. With the brand concept of “Enjoy Yummy Moment”, joyami hopes to let more young people Enjoy the fun brought by intelligence.As millennials settle down and gen Z enter the world, the experience of the home kitchen space is increasingly on their minds.Whether it is families, lovers or single people, in the increasingly compact kitchen space of modern life, some integrated, convenient, time-saving and space-saving products are needed to make life more comfortable and comfortable.At the same time, they love novelty, are surrounded by intelligence and enjoy personalized expression.Based on this trend, JOYAMI with a series of simple, intelligent, multi-functional, cost-effective products for young people complicated for simple, to create a more light, convenient, personalized cooking process.As a sub-brand of TOKIT, Joyami also continues TOKIT series of intelligent temperature control, localized recipes, custom menus and other functions to meet the customization needs of young users.In terms of brand vision, Joyami chooses green leaves and bright yellow and green as the main colors, inspired by lime and curry, which are common in Southeast Asian food, to establish the visual influence of taste.High saturation of color, but also let the brand extension more expressive, and brand calibration of the young crowd has a dynamic characteristics fit.Joyami launched 4 new products on Shopee, intelligent rice cooker S1 (0.8L), intelligent induction cooker, intelligent electric kettle, multi-function non-stick pan, to meet the highest frequency kitchen needs of Southeast Asian families.Sail out to sea, open the group’s new development engine At the stage of full development of the three independent brands, sail out to sea, will bring new growth engine for the group.Since the development of pure rice for 8 years, continuous exploration and innovation, strengthening the team capacity, to maintain high-speed growth in the domestic intelligent kitchen electric field.This time, we are continuing what we love to do in a whole new market, using our heartfelt products to speak to young people in Southeast Asia and around the world.Compared with the traditional smoky, messy scene, Chunmi technology hopes to show the world a future kitchen paradigm based on “true intelligence”.Through products and services that are more in line with modern trends and local aesthetics, we break the “barriers” based on region, culture and eating habits in the past, break through the global future kitchen ecology, and build a pleasant and personalized home space.