Plastic surgery experts from four provinces and five regions went to Guizhou for free diagnosis, and New Oxygen charity set foot on the road of opening up

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On March 12, a free clinic activity was held in Zunyi, Guizhou province, with the theme of “Walk into a beautiful village and rebuild a beautiful life”.To accumulate more professional power to the economic difficulties of the rural residents to provide plastic medical clinic service, re-start the oxygen beautiful “new plan” actively explore the open road, convened in Shanghai, guangzhou, chongqing, guiyang, zunyi etc. 4 province 5 to 3 armour hospital and tertiary plastic hospital doctors, online synchronous for zunyi, QianXi rural residents to carry out screening.This free clinic activity was sponsored by China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation, Guizhou Provincial Committee of China Democratic Construction Association, and undertaken by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, Qianxi People’s Hospital and Tianjin New Oxygen Foundation.Special support was given by United Front Work Department of CPC Zunyi Municipal Committee, Working Committee of Zunyi City of China Democratic Construction Association, Working Committee of Bijie City of China Democratic Construction Association, United Front Work Department of CPC Qianxi Municipal Committee and Working Committee of Qianxi City of China Democratic Construction Association.Photo taken by leaders attending guizhou Free Clinic activity of “New Oxygen Beauty Plan”What is noteworthy about New Oxygen is that the free clinic gathered plastic surgery experts and professors from Shanghai Dongfang Hospital, Guangzhou Nanfang Hospital, Chongqing Xingrong hospital and other hospitals through open participation.Together with local experts from the Department of plastic Surgery and burn Plastic Surgery of The Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, we provide free consultations for patients with congenital malformations, physical disabilities and facial defects caused by accidents. Moreover, the experts will continue to follow up the public surgical support.And by the “new Oxygen beautiful plan” public welfare project to meet the aid conditions of patients to provide medical assistance.”New Oxygen Beauty Plan” charity tour in Guizhou free clinic scene photo source:The “New Oxygen Beauty Plan” in 2022 starts from Zunyi to explore the road of opening up. Tao Ming, deputy secretary general of China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation and Vice Chairman and secretary General of China E-commerce Rural Revitalization Alliance, said that In 2021, Beijing New Oxygen Technology Co., Ltd. launched the “New Oxygen Beauty Plan” public welfare relief project in The “Siyuan Project”.Medical assistance has been provided nationwide to people with financial difficulties, such as those who were born with facial defects, injured or disabled as a result of voluntary bravery, and victims of medical accidents, to help them get out of their living difficulties and prevent them from becoming poor due to illness or returning to poverty due to illness.The “New Oxygen Beauty Program” is committed to gathering strength through the power of the platform and advocating the industry to conduct free diagnosis for patients with body surface defects in underdeveloped areas.In this way, patients can not only receive assistance from nearby high-quality medical resources and regain confidence, but also pass on love through continuous assistance, receiving assistance and helping others, bringing hope to more families.In the future, “Siyuan Project” will continue to work with Beijing New Oxygen Technology Co., Ltd. and New Oxygen Foundation to help more patients in need, and continue to practice the concept of “Drinking water, thinking of the source, giving back to society”.”This morning, when his teacher at school told me there was a free clinic here, I was collecting garbage outside. As soon as I got the news, I went home and brought him here.”When the last patient came to zunyi station for free treatment, the staff was already clearing the field. Seeing this, the patient’s mother said urgently: “I can’t walk fast with my legs, so I want you to see my child. In order to cure his burn, I owe more than 100,000 yuan.”The patient was a 10-year-old boy who was accidentally burned to a large area of his body four years ago. The family’s savings had been exhausted by the two skin grafts, so the boy’s mother valued the opportunity of public assistance especially.In remote areas, there are still many burn and burn patients like this, some of whom have not been to the hospital for more than 30 years.The next day in qianxi station, a 40-something female patient, her scalp and face were severely burned, the right eye has been blind due to long-term exposure to the outside.However, due to family difficulties, I never went to the hospital for treatment after being burned as a child. Only when I heard that there was a free clinic, I came to visit the hospital accompanied by my husband.In addition to the patients with facial defects caused by accidents, there were also many patients with congenital body surface malformation held in the arms of their parents during the free clinic. The youngest was only a few months old. They were born with cleft lip and palate and needed early treatment to avoid affecting their development and pronunciation.So under the advice of experts and the assistance of staff, many patients with surgical indications submitted application forms for assistance on the spot.Children with congenital body surface deformity are treated by experts.Oxygen beautiful new oxygen as the first time to participate in the “new project” public welfare yizhen expert delegation, nanfang hospital, southern medical university professor plastic surgical director of the physician jian-hua gao said, this is a very meaningful activities, because in addition to surface defects affect the patient’s function and appearance, will affect their personality and life.”Through this free clinic, I will do my best to screen out more eligible patients, so that they can recover their functions and looks and rebuild their beautiful lives under the help of the New Oxygen Beauty Program.”In April 2021, The China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation and the Internet medical beauty service platform New Oxygen launched the “New Oxygen Beauty Project”, linking institutions, doctors and public welfare organizations through the open platform to form the public solidarity of medical beauty, and pooling forces to solve the treatment problems for people with body surface defects.It is also worth mentioning that this is the first continuous medical and aesthetic assistance program in China.In 2021, the “New Oxygen Beauty Plan”, together with plastic surgeons from tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Union Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, carried out free diagnosis screening activities in Hong ‘an, Enshi, Yichang and other places in Hubei province.And through the form of “cloud free diagnosis” for yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to send plastic surgeons in many third-class hospitals in Shanghai public service.By the end of 2021, a total of 512 patients had been screened, and by the end of February 2022, 100 patients with body surface defects from poor families had received treatment under the new Oxygen Beauty Program.According to statistics, a total of 141 patients were treated during the free clinic in Guizhou, among which 117 patients met the surgical indications. For those patients who met the criteria for assistance, the China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation and The New Oxygen Foundation will provide medical assistance according to their families’ economic difficulties and arrange treatment nearby.It is worth noting that in 2022, in order to better carry out public welfare assistance, Xinoxygen charity will establish a more perfect volunteer system and maximize the integration of industry resources to build an open platform for public welfare assistance involving everyone.Guo Junwen, senior vice president of New Oxygen Technology, said: “In the future, new Oxygen charity will continue to organize expert teams to carry out free medical services in more remote mountainous areas and rural areas, and continue to improve the coverage, expand the number of people to help.”