Tongzhou District to carry out atmospheric control supervision action

2022-05-06 0 By

On February 14, in the first quarter of tongzhou zone atmospheric governance crucial supervision action, tongzhou ecological environment department team members each lead regional enforcement and related department staff, mulling five ways to respectively xing east streets, west pavilion town, liuqiao town, five and ten total key area peace boom town, city, town and township level long meeting, report the current air quality,Key guidance and assistance will be given to towns and streets with PM2.5 accumulative total ranking lower in the city.At the same time, the town and street are required to organize environmental protection, urban management, construction and other departments to carry out joint inspection around six aspects, and finally form a list of problems.The atmospheric governance six inspection content includes: fireworks restrictions put control implementation;Construction site dust prevention and control facilities equipped with use and six hundred implementation;Installation, operation and maintenance of catering lampblack purification facilities;Construction and operation of waste gas treatment facilities in key industries and unorganized emissions;Air quality abnormal warning and control implementation;Lantern Festival 19 to 22 baogan section of the ban inspection and other situations.Discharge list implementation of engineering management, tongzhou district to promote the effective measures to reduce atmospheric pollutants.At present, tongzhou district this year’s first batch of air pollution control project a total of 138, according to preliminary statistics, can be included in the annual list of air pollution reduction a total of 118, among them, industrial structure upgrading 12, source replacement 19, VOCs management 75, boiler upgrading or elimination of 5 categories, particulate matter emission reduction projects 7.Tongzhou Ecological environment Bureau urges all towns and streets to speed up the implementation of projects, strictly implement the requirements of “summer disease and winter treatment”, and strive to complete and put into operation general projects before the end of April, no later than the end of June.At the same time, around the V0Cs and NOx collaborative emission reduction target requirements, deep exploration of emission reduction potential, boost the air quality improvement in the region.Tongzhou ecological environment of the evaluated integratedly is urged to make sure you learn from tongzhou town gas mode experience last year, transfer the township environmental protection, construction, urban management, public security departments to treat gas initiative, a comprehensive push ozone, dust and mobile source pollution prevention and control, to further strengthen the township air defense spreading system, effectively cope with heavy pollution weather or air quality abnormal weather, especially to strengthen the support of science and technology,Towns and streets with backward quality improvement and prominent environmental problems must implement scientific gas control measures as soon as possible or entrust third-party professional institutions to make accurate diagnosis and treatment, so as to achieve scientific and accurate pollution control.Source: Nantong