A 73-year-old patient with rectal cancer had multiple systemic metastases. After taking medicine for only 1 month, the reexamination index dropped significantly

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Last June, I saw a trembling 73-year-old patient being helped in by his family, who looked over to see a thin, yellowing patient.Not be common yellow, it is to appear icteric, skin scorched yellow still do not have burnish, whole person sick pearly resemble lost soul same.In such an old patient, there must be a lot of chronic problems, and I have a hunch that this is likely to be another difficult patient.Through communication with family members, the patient is suffering from rectal cancer, in addition to in situ tumor also accompanied by lymphatic metastasis, liver metastasis, abdominal metastasis and other situations, due to old age, also accompanied by atrial flutter, usually eat more difficult, stool can not come out.I touched the patient’s stomach, hard to drum up, cool.A family member said, Since the old man fell ill, our whole family was worried. Like a compass without direction, we took him to many places. After hearing about it, my friend introduced me to this place.The patient’s constitution is poorer, cardiac function is poorer also, although these can be recuperated with Chinese traditional medicine, but now urgent matter of the moment still should icteric retreat, and should beware cannot block.I comfort the patient: “It’s ok, I will adjust it for you first”.It was the first time for my family to come to see me, so I could see that they did not trust me, but they still showed their willingness to cooperate.A week later, the medicine has not finished, the family members excitedly gave me the news: the patient’s stomach ventilation!Hungry now!Jaundice also retreated a lot!Although they can eat, they can not be taken lightly. I told the patients that they should start from a semi-liquid diet, eat less and more meals, and take care of the delicate diet.At December, CA199 had dropped to 556.1 and CEA had dropped to 518.7.Until then, when the family brought the patient for a follow-up visit, they said in their hearts: “In fact, at the beginning, we had no hope. We had run too many places, and we felt bad when we saw the patient’s health getting worse and worse.To for the first time, we want to sure or the same as before, this medicine is nothing to change, but after all is a friend recommended to come over, dead horse move, the it is good to my best without regret “is not just because of family support and care, according to the families and patients after found themselves can eat, very happy, began to forget the tumor itself,Like a child only focus on their own food and drink, so, the patient step by step adhere to down.As a result of the change of mentality, it also provides help for the physical recovery.In January of this year, the patient’s tumor markers were reviewed within a month, and the patient’s index had “miraculously decreased” from 556.1 to 241.2.Cea decreased from 518.7 to 305.7.Although the reduction of this index does not represent the recovery of the patient’s tumor, it is a good start for the gradual reduction of tumor cytokines in the body, which is a reliable foundation for people to increase their confidence.Hope other cancer patients friends, do not be discouraged, do not ignore their own small symptoms of improvement, accumulate over a long period of time, you will have unexpected harvest!