“Spring Breeze action” continues to exert force, And Guangzhou Yuexiu sends back posts to promote employment

2022-05-11 0 By

Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Tan Zheng Correspondent Zhan Pingping picture/correspondent provided on February 23, The Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City after the Spring Festival within the first sub-line job fair — yuexiu district to promote the employment of migrant workers and key employment enterprises special job fair held in Yuexiu District Dadong Street.The scene of the job fair is crowded with people. A number of key employment enterprises under its control hire talents on the spot. 34 enterprises provide domestic service division, engineering assistant, property, etc. covering 55 types of jobs and 1,251 positions for job seekers.It is understood that since the launch of the “2022 Spring Breeze Action” this year, the establishment of employment service commissioner during the Spring Festival for key employment enterprises within its control to provide 24-hour employment guidance and services, accurate push policy guidance, job information;At the same time, focus on the resumption of work and production demand around the Spring Festival, strengthen the development of labor within its control, promote labor cooperation, through the form of “online + offline”,It has carried out a series of online job fairs with the theme of “Spring Breeze Action 2022 — Spring Breeze Sending employees to Warm Yangcheng”, and a special job fair for graduates of Guangzhou Trade Vocational High School in 2022 and a on-site job fair for key employment enterprises in and outside the city in 2022.We will spare no effort to ensure the employment demand of enterprises to resume work and production.”It’s really convenient to just swipe your phone at home and get your work done. You don’t have to run around applying for jobs right after the Spring Festival.”The first time to Guangzhou xiaojie thought it was difficult to find a favorite job in the big city, did not expect to solve this easily during the Spring Festival.Up to now, 17 online and offline job fairs have been held in Yuexiu District, with a total of 8,427 jobs provided by 330 enterprises.At the same time, in view of the post-holiday part of migrant workers return tickets, part of the enterprise employee, on the premise of full implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in yuexiu district, take the initiative to strengthen communication with labor output, relatively stable of epidemic diseases, to relatively concentrated employment qingyuan, guizhou and other places, the joint department organized local club opened “peer-to-peer” return train,Provide the whole process of return to post docking service for the migrant workers.”We’ve been on the train for three years!”From qiannan Yao Dengxue, Sun Chuanan are visually impaired, two people since 2020, will take “peer-to-peer” return train, “because it is more special, both of us under the high-speed rail after staff will always accompany us, send us to the store, we can safely arrive and work in peace, than before their tickets by car and convenient too much too much.”At present, Yuexiu District has organized 3 shifts of customized buses to transport 125 migrant workers from Qingyuan and Guizhou to Guangzhou.According to the introduction, the next step, Yuexiu District will continue to “spring breeze action” as a powerful starting point, widely carry out online and offline, theme diversified recruitment activities, establish a normal enterprise employment service guarantee mechanism, promote the smooth resumption of work and production after the holiday.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send pai.ycwb.com) source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | jojo