China’s top five provincial universities are cost-effective, with four 211 universities, all of which can not be underestimated

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There are two types of universities in China:Related to education, university directly under the central government, and belongs to the provincial universities, they have certain development speed, directly controlled by the central government and other institutions of the university in developing will be more powerful, but for many students, to get the university admissions will be more difficult, however, the local university or high cost performance, not only the university entrance exam is relatively low,It’s also good to have a relatively high enrollment, and it’s even better if you work locally although there are still a lot of regional universities, but today we’re going to talk about the top five regional universities.The figure above shows the top five universities in the province in terms of strength. None of them is a 211 university, and kunming University of Science and Technology ranks the fifth among the other universities. It shows that the strength of the schools is not simple.Fifth: kunming university of science and technology is not only a provincial institution, the school and the national defense science and technology industry together with construction units and scale in yunnan province is the biggest, its education levels and categories are all very good, belongs to the provincial leading enterprises, 211 colleges and universities, but strength is very strong, especially in the non-ferrous metal industry and economic development in yunnan province is very important.Have a campus, with a total area of 3915 acres, the main campus is located in kunming university city of chengdu, has more than 10000 more than 30000 undergraduate and graduate students and doctoral students, the university has 66 students registered in the department of defense, in terms of academic power, the school has three disciplines by ESI as the world’s top 1%, a national key discipline and a national key development discipline,As a result, it clearly outperforms Yunnan University in local rankings.Second:In second, nanchang university, nanchang university, its comprehensive strength is very high, it has more than 34000 undergraduate and 15000 graduate students and international students, is still a big university, in order to develop more advanced and innovative workforce, university has established the interdisciplinary and inter-disciplinary training plan as well as distance learning, and the ongoing reform,Ntu has also won ten awards, including the National Higher Education Teaching Award. In terms of faculty, NTU still has a strong faculty, including one Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, four double appointment academicians and two National Chief Scientists.Zhengzhou University is not only a provincial university, but also a double-first-class B-class university. Zhengzhou University has very strong discipline strength, especially the clinical hospital, materials Science and Engineering and other disciplines of the university belong to the world first-class disciplines, and 7 subjects have obtained B+ level.Is your Alma mater included in the top 5 regional colleges, and do you have your own thoughts on the rankings?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.