Guangxi 67 people did this thing, won 464,000 yuan!

2022-05-18 0 By

In order to broaden the clue sources of illegal entry and exit personnel, Jingxi has widely publicized the policy of reward for reporting illegal entry and exit personnel since 2021, and encouraged the public to actively report illegal entry and exit personnel and participate in border control work together. On April 2nd, approved by the leading Group for prevention and Control of Pulmonary infection in Novel Coronavirus in Jingxi,The public security bureau of Jingxi cashed 464,000 yuan in rewards to 67 people who reported clues.▲ The public security police issued rewards to the masses.Recently, The Jingxi border management brigade Yuewei border police station also carried out the anti-smuggling reward activities, and two enthusiastic people who reported clues were rewarded with 6000 yuan.The bonus is also the first bonus awarded by jingxi Border Management Brigade in 2022.▲ The police handed the envelope containing the reward money to the informant.On March 14, two people in Yuewei town of Jingxi spotted a group of suspicious people near Siming village and reported them to the police station.After receiving the report, yuewei border police rushed to the scene and stopped and searched the six people, who were found to be foreigners.After investigation, the six people confessed to illegally crossing the national border.At present, the six people have been sent to designated isolation places, and the case is being further handled.Original title: “Guangxi 67 people did this thing, won 464,000 yuan!”