President of Turkey Yunus Emre Academy: The Beijing Winter Olympics will spread hope to all mankind

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President of Turkey Yunus Emre Academy: The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will spread hope to all mankindAtesh, president of Yunus Emre Academy, a Turkish cultural promotion organization, expressed his best wishes for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in an interview with the Media group, saying that the Beijing Winter Olympics will promote exchanges between China and foreign countries.The Yunus Emre Academy, named after the famous Turkish poet Yunus Emre, aims to promote Turkish language and culture to the world.In May 2021, the Yunus Emre Academy Beijing Center, a Turkish-Chinese Cultural center, was inaugurated.On the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chairman of Turkey’s Yunus Emre Academy, Atesh, expressed his best wishes for the Games, believing that the Games will promote exchanges between China and foreign countries.”First of all, I would like to express my congratulations on the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.Of course, through the Winter Olympics, the world has gained a better understanding of China, a better understanding of Chinese culture, and At the same time, China has been able to understand the world.The Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off on February 4.This day coincides with the fourth day of the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar, which coincides with the Winter Olympics and Chinese traditional festivals.Atesh believed that sports exchanges are an important part of the exchanges among civilizations, and that human civilizations communicate through sports.He hopes the “perfect overlap” between the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Chinese New Year will enable the traditional Chinese festival to bring happiness to people around the world.”I hope the Chinese New Year culture will bring happiness to people in China and around the world.The Chinese Spring Festival culture, to transmit the joy of spring, to celebrate the arrival of spring, to other parts of the world and people in different countries, is very meaningful.I hope that through Beijing 2022, Chinese Spring Festival culture can spread to the world and we can celebrate the arrival of spring and the revival of life together.”In 2019, before the epidemic, He visited China and was amazed at the wide and deep application of high technology in China.He believes that the application of high-tech in the Winter Olympics will “surprise” the world again, and that China’s integration of high-tech elements into the Winter Olympics and epidemic prevention will be a blessing to the world.”I believe that high-tech will be most widely used in Beijing 2022.As I can see, high technology is being used, which is of great significance to all mankind.Similarly, measures that are widely used in the fight against epidemic prevention and health care are good news not only for the Chinese people, but also for all mankind.I think it’s very valuable to develop high technology for the benefit of mankind and apply it to sports events.”Despite various difficulties and challenges such as the epidemic, the Chinese people’s hosting of the Winter Olympics under the strong leadership and careful deployment of the Chinese government is a kind of hope for all mankind, said Artaish. He hoped that people around the world can share this hope.”The hosting of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is a hope for all mankind.Whether it is the Turkish people or the Chinese people, we share this hope together.I hope it will bring the vitality of spring and bring hope to mankind. I hope the Winter Olympics will convey such a message to the world.At the same time, I wish the Winter Olympics a positive contribution to the development of mankind, and take this opportunity to express my respect and greetings to all Chinese people!”Responsible editor: Chi Yuyang