Xintian County: Take multiple measures to complete the publicity of 2021 annual reports of public institutions

2022-05-18 0 By

Yongzhou today – (correspondent Pan yan Finn Tang Lingyan Wei Fangbing) in order to further strengthen the supervision of enterprises, promote the institution functioning, SAN tin county on the basis of the business entity registration ordinance “business entity registration and management service in hunan province sets” requirements, measures and more complete institution legal person of the annual report of the public work for 2021.First, strengthen internal and external linkage and clarify matters of thought.Before the start of the annual report, we actively strengthened the linkage with the department of institutional preparation, carefully sorted out 28 public institutions with changed items by referring to the “three decisions” issued in the past two years, “Notice on clear institutional preparation” documents, and “double random and one open” spot check.Through the official document system and xintian Organization group, the notice on the Implementation of the annual Report of public Institutions in 2021 was timely issued to clarify the specific requirements, matters needing attention and the necessity and importance of the annual report publicity, so as to strengthen the attention of all units.The second is to advocate staggered peak management, improve the working time.Against the usual problems of common sex, concealment, work through QQ group, telephone and so on, to inform various units handling personnel changes, timely remind the person in charge in advance, according to the classification of unit of the nature of the work, several wrong peak, effectively prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of cluster is dealt with, improve the effectiveness of the work,Blew the public institution legal person annual report handling the mobilization call.Two, the strict review responsibility, sounded for the “assembly call” is to focus on the key items.In strict accordance with the requirements of the Interim Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Public Institutions and the detailed rules for implementation, for public institutions whose registered items have changed, the “annual report after the change” shall be implemented;The authenticity and confidentiality of business activities shall be examined based on the purpose and business scope of the unit;If the asset gains and losses increase or decrease by 20%, telephone inquiry shall be adopted, and the specific reasons shall be explained and the start-up capital shall be timely changed according to the requirements of regulations.Second, the key points.Timely feedback and inform modification opinions for hard problems such as non-standard filling in application materials, non-conforming declaration contents and incomplete materials;The legal representative’s signature and seal in the annual report of the legal person of the institution and the confidential examination opinions of the organizing unit shall be closely examined to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the annual report.As of March 31, 43 cases of alteration, 4 cases of cancellation of registration and 1 case of replacement registration have been completed by focusing on key items and key points.Three, the strong service standard, to hand over “satisfactory answer paper” is to change the way of service.Determined in accordance with the business entity registration and management service standard specification (try out) “and” on trial institution legal person easy notice of cancellation registration related matters, the relevant provisions of the pass, a run immediately, online continues to deepen the “not met” to deal with, such as ways to merge office, continues to improve the system of capacity lack accept help agents and other ways,We will ensure uninterrupted business processing during the epidemic.Second, we will improve service quality.Changing ideas, change from passive business such as proactive service, personnel arrangement, take one-on-one communication, use QQ, telephone answering questions, the way such as remote assistance operation to the person in charge online audit and answering questions, provide a wide range of consulting services to more than 400 times, to provide practical technique for the person in charge, to ensure that annual reports submission, audit, complete all pending in the day.By March 31, all 303 registered public institutions in Xintian county had completed the publication of their annual reports, with a participation rate of 100%.In the next step, Xintian will continue to deepen the whole chain integrated management system of “pre-sorting, in-process audit and post-supervision” to ensure “no dead corner” in the registration management of public institutions, and effectively provide convenient and efficient registration management services of public institutions.