This Spring Festival, sanyuan Palace has seen a large number of visitors again

2022-05-22 0 By

Zhang Shangqujing news (Qujing Daily reporter Sun Yunxia correspondent Cao Shaohua) During the Spring Festival this year, although the sky is blowing snow, the temperature is very low, but sanyuan Palace patriotism education base gate is still open to tourists, to ensure that citizens and tourists need to visit.It is reported that as of the sixth day of the first lunar month, sanyuan Palace has received more than 8,500 visitors.During the Spring Festival, many families, old and young, come to Sanyuan Palace to receive education on revolutionary traditions and spend a meaningful Red New Year.Under the guidance of the narrator, through detailed historical materials, yellowing photos and old historical relics, we can feel the revolutionary years of qujing during the Long March of the Red Army, and once again recall the dedication and lofty ideals of the people’s heroes.After the visit, everyone said he benefited a lot, not only received a patriotic education, but also got further baptism in thought. In the future work and life, we must carry forward the spirit of the Long March and walk the Long March of the new era.During the Spring Festival, the sanyangong Patriotic Education Base strictly enforced epidemic prevention and control measures, requiring visitors to scan their health codes, travel codes, check their temperatures and wear masks before entering the base.All staff members conscientiously performed their duties and cooperated in an orderly manner, and did their best in security, environment beautification and reception services to ensure a safe and orderly visit by visitors.