Will China Mobile give China Telecom the chance to overtake in the straight line?

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The previous article “2022 three major operators competition pattern has been determined: telecom dominant, mobile dominant defense, Unicom guerrilla” mentioned that in the next few years, if the environment does not change too much, the main melody of the communication market should be “telecom and mobile hegemony” : China Telecom dominant attack, China Mobile dominant defense!Questions and refute this view has come in for many, I further clarify this point: China mobile Lord guard, is refers to the traditional telecommunication business in China mobile’s strategic business system becomes a basic business, became the development of China mobile chassis, but China mobile will not put “reengineering a billions of empire” dream on the lack of imagination of traditional telecommunication market.However, advocating defense does not mean that China Mobile will give up active competition in the communication market, in many cases, active attack is the best defensive means, China Mobile’s future building must be built high, chassis must be stable, so the communication market is China Mobile can not lose.01. In fact, today’s situation has been “foreboding” — in 2019, it was reported that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued new assessment requirements to the three major operators and would stop assessing their “market share”.It is considered that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is moving forward from extensive management and control to refined management and control, and vicious competition in the operator industry may end and turn to value management.This freed the three carriers from the long-standing feud and gave them the freedom to “stand on tiptoe and look over the wall”.China Mobile is naturally the most excited about this!Over the years, China Mobile has come under a lot of criticism. For example, many people have criticized it for losing out in competition with OTT players like Tencent. The most direct “evidence” is:When Feitoxin was in full bloom, China Mobile took a series of “wrong” measures to block the development of Feitoxin for the consideration of “affecting SMS revenue”, which contributed to the later growth of wechat.In fact, if from the point of view of complete evaluation indexes, the decision is not the problem, China mobile’s rivals are the other two operators, rather than tencent, fetion development better, also won’t bring communication users and the business income growth, will not let its mobile customers share and communication service income share is growing,On the contrary, feimin’s free strategy will directly lead to the reduction of SMS income. If you are a leader burdened with assessment indicators, how will you make decisions?Therefore, the adjustment of the assessment system has a huge impact on China Mobile. Subsequently, China Mobile began to make a great fanfare in the layout of DICT, and clearly built the government and enterprise market into a new driving force of revenue growth and the main force of transformation and upgrading.At the same time, further put forward, no cloud, there is no net, the cloud of the future.This strategy has been very clear, China Mobile to win the future must expand the industrial Internet, to expand the industrial Internet, must rely on the cloud infrastructure, after all, the future network is on the cloud.From this perspective, China mobile, the competition is no longer China telecom, China unicom, the two “old friends”, although they have layout in industry on the Internet, but the influence is very weak, China mobile faces bigger and stronger competition is ali, huawei, tencent, they are in the field of China mobile 2 b, 2 g biggest competitor!Because cloud is the basic information facilities, the network should be built on the cloud, the network moves with the cloud, from this point of view, BAT, Huawei and other giants are the basic information facilities operators of the new era, mobile, Telecom, Unicom is only the pipeline operators.An enterprise’s energy and resources are always limited, China Mobile to fully attack the industrial Internet, is bound to strategic relinquish part of the “territory”, so, we see China Mobile in 2020, 2021 most of the monthly users are net reduction, this is the cost of switching track.The new track, China mobile began to gain a foothold, and began to speed up, according to the China mobile internally issued documents show, China mobile is the force of DICT business continues to grow rapidly and nearly 3 years grew by nearly 60%, the “mobile cloud” achieved rapid growth, in the past two years to turn over seven times – $2020 annual income is 9.172 billion yuan,The year-on-year growth was 353.8 percent.The revenue in the first half of 2021 reached 9.721 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 118.1%, exceeding the annual revenue in 2020.According to IDC’s latest rankings, mobile cloud has cracked the top seven.It is worth noting that in the performance ranking of China Mobile Group’s subsidiaries in 2020, the mobile cloud company, namely the Cloud Capability Center, ranked fifth, which also means that the income of China Mobile’s cloud business is becoming one of the main income sources of the group.02. Back to the traditional communication market — one side is China Mobile “active” switching track, while the other side is China Telecom, trying to overtake in the communication market “straight”, will China Telecom’s positive plan succeed?Will China Mobile give it the chance?To answer this question, first of all, we need to know what the “reliance” is for China Telecom to seek straight-ahead overtaking. I think China Telecom has two advantages: first, it has a strong fixed network foundation in the past, which has formed a greater attraction to users through integrated marketing.Second, cnumber transfer network enhanced customer liquidity, and China Telecom seems to be the one to profit.Can China Telecom continue to nibble away at China Mobile’s territory with these two advantages?I think it’s hard, because those two advantages are actually being lost.China Telecom is the traditional fixed network king, but the king’s position has been seized by China Mobile, according to the latest data show: China mobile broadband users of 240 million, China Telecom 170 million, since 2018 officially beyond the telecom, the gap is getting bigger.It can be seen that in the fixed network market, China Mobile has surpassed China Telecom and its broadband users are still growing at a high speed, while the growth level of China Telecom is far behind China Mobile. More importantly, in the past half a year, China Mobile’s broadband is no longer the low price or even free marketing model.China mobile broadband no matter is the quality or the price of the rise, which also shows that China mobile broadband customer scale of gold content.China Telecom’s broadband business is under increasing pressure from rivals, and with fixed-line advantages lost, will so-called converged marketing still work?Besides cnumber transfer network, from the past figures, China Telecom in cnumber transfer network is the largest and the only profit, there are two reasons: first, thanks to the low-frequency 4G, China Telecom signal coverage is better than China Unicom, keeping up with China Mobile, this is the basis;Second, China Telecom as a later challenger, its tariff space is greater than China Mobile.Due to the above two points, China Telecom has become a depression, no matter from China Mobile or China Unicom outflow of customers to China Telecom, China Telecom has become the biggest winner.But, this kind of situation is very difficult to maintain, because of number portability is a typical parabolic activities, first is the participants is numerous, but more time in the future, the less interested users, after all, there are just need the user must be turned early, ordinary users who will turn to be dozens of pieces of the monthly to consider network this kind of trouble?!And more importantly, from the response of the users who have transferred to China Telecom, there is no lack of regret, the biggest reason is: The service level of China Telecom is far worse than that of China Mobile!Of course, the above is just a static analysis of the past situation, and the market is changing rapidly, since China Telecom has the intention to challenge China Mobile, it will certainly constantly develop new strategies, the future depends on how China Mobile see move.