Yucheng county promotes high-quality development with “one core, three districts and six cities”

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“One nuclear, three areas and six cities” is to build “Henan strong county, Central Plains New City”.Strong projects to build an “industrial new city”;Strengthen the countryside and create a “revitalizing new city”;Strong elements to create an “innovative new city”;Opening up to create a “dynamic new city”;Strong ecology, to create a “livable new city”;Strengthen people’s livelihood and build a “happy new city”.”We actively integrate the development of Liudian township into the county seat, and solidly promote the ‘one corridor, two rivers, three areas, four focus’ development plan.”On January 23, baihe ancient town construction site, braved snow to check the progress of the project yu City County Liu Dian township Party secretary Liang Dajian said.January 21 yucheng county party committee economic work conference summed up 2021 economic work, arrangement deployment 2022 economic work, for the county’s economic development drew a blueprint also formulated the construction plan, with “one nuclear three areas six cities” to promote the county economy high-quality development.This year, YuCheng, riveting all her strength to promote “a nuclear three six cities”, namely the construction of “new” strong county of henan, central plains, build leading industrial development zone, rural revitalization of the demonstration zone, appropriate of the habitable zone, strong project, create “new industry”, a strong country, make “revitalization of the new town”, strong elements, creating new city, “” innovation, strong open, makes the” dynamism “of the new town, and strong ecological,To build a “livable new city”, strengthen people’s livelihood and create a “happy new city”.Juli Project is king, and the plan of industry multiplication is promoted.Focus on the construction of “industrial new city”, adhere to the “project is king”, promote the “three batch”, increase the transfer of food processing and equipment manufacturing industries, and strive to build “industrial development pilot zone”.We will promote the “secondary entrepreneurship”, deepen the “three major renovation”, and speed up the construction of “one district and ten parks” in high-tech zones.Leading the food industry, creating brands, to build modern food industrial park in eastern Henan, national soybean product industry technology innovation demonstration base, national food industry city, striving for “national strong food county”.The hardware industry makes fine products, creates famous brands, creates a global hardware industry city, and builds the largest color printing and packaging industrial park within 150 kilometers.The textile and garment industry has promoted the construction of the George Bai Common Prosperity Park.For emerging industries, yujian Medical treatment and health Industrial park and Traditional Chinese medicine agricultural science and technology park will be built well, and the “Yuzhi Finance” platform will be expanded and strengthened.We will focus on rural revitalization and improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture.We will coordinate efforts to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation efforts with rural revitalization, develop new cities for rural revitalization, and develop demonstration zones for rural revitalization.We will strictly implement the “four key principles”, carry out the “Thriving ten thousand villages” initiative, and explore a new model of village-level Party and public services featuring “Party building plus finance” to help rural revitalization.We will accelerate the development of high-standard farmland and shift grain production from quantitative to quality-oriented.We will advance supply-side structural reform in agriculture.Vigorously develop the “four excellent and four modernization”, build “one town, one special”, “one village, one product”, strive for national agricultural product quality and safety county, build the national agricultural socialization service innovation pilot county.We will carry out a concentrated campaign to clean up the six chaotic and chaotic industries.We will focus on innovation and promote deeply integrated development.To build an “innovation new city”, focus on cultivating innovative talents, building innovation platforms, constructing innovation ecology and implementing advantage reengineering.To implement the plan of returning talents, speed up the construction of human resource park, returned-home pioneering park and returned-home pioneering community, yucheng workstations of key universities and comprehensive inspection and testing centers, and prepare for the establishment of food industry scientific research institutions.We will encourage both private and government investment in R&D, and link government, industry, universities, research institutes, and users.We will pay great attention to the construction of e-commerce logistics park, accelerate the construction of Shangdong Logistics New City, “three links and one access” regional allocation center, and apply for the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area, so as to rank the first logistics park in the province.To establish “Quality strong county demonstration county in Henan Province”.Work together to improve the environment and promote comprehensive reform and opening up.We will continue to improve the business environment, deepen reform across the board, open wider to the outside world, and build a “dynamic new city”.We will carry out the campaign to help 10,000 people support 10,000 enterprises, deepen the reform to delegate power, improve regulation, and improve efficiency, and foster pro-qing relations between government and business.We will deepen reform of the investment and financing systems, build a market-based trading platform for factors of production, carry out structural reform of private enterprises, reform of the fiscal and taxation systems, and reform in areas related to people’s wellbeing.Focusing on reinforcing and strengthening the chain and extending the chain of leading industries, draw the “leading industry investment roadmap” and “Advantageous industry investment map” to strengthen targeted investment promotion.We will accelerate the application for building comprehensive bonded zones.We will integrate urban and rural areas to make cities more livable and employable.It aims to build a “livable new city”, a “livable ecological zone” and a “national civilized city” with access to the city, business development, cultural tourism, health care, water charm and green beauty.Adhere to the quality of plastic city, promote the township high-speed full coverage, accelerate the integration of Shangyu “nine road connecting project”.Upgrade urban roads, open up “dead-end roads”, smooth “urban road microcirculation”.We will build a major transportation system with three vertical and eight horizontal lines, and build a major cycle of urban and rural road networks.We will carry out the project of “connecting villages to rural roads”, build and upgrade more than 150 kilometers of rural roads, and strive to become a provincial-level demonstration county of “Four good Rural roads”.Construction of a national bus station.Promote development and construction of Shangqiu railway logistics Park, Tuo River shipping and construction of Yucheng section of Shangqiu port, and build multi-modal transportation hub of river and iron.Adhere to revitalize the city with industry, revitalize the city with industry, promote production with the city, deepen the “management committee + company” management mode, and maintain the high-tech zone top 20 in the province.Adhere to the cultural city, tell the story of the Yellow River, mulan culture, Yiyin culture as the lead, speed up the construction of scenic spots within its jurisdiction, to build a new pattern of the whole cultural and tourism industry.In the north, limin ancient city, ten thousand mu pear garden, Shizhuang reservoir, Yellow River, modern agricultural high-tech demonstration park string into a line;In the south, mulan Shrine, Yi Yin Shrine, film and television culture Industrial Park, modern Chinese medicine base, baohe Scenic belt and so on are strung together in a line.Adhere to kangze City, relying on herb planting, traditional Chinese medicine culture, medical industrial park, promote the provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Chinese Herbal Medicine industrial park project.We will continue to nourish the city with water, deepen the “four rivers for the same purpose”, and turn water bottlenecks into water support.We will promote the construction of local supporting projects to divert the Yangtze River and the Huai River and the projects to divert the Yellow River to regulate and store water, divert water into the yu River and double water sources in urban and rural areas. We will upgrade sewage treatment plants and build the fourth sewage treatment plant.Focus on a better life and do a good job in improving people’s livelihood.The county focuses on social security to benefit people’s livelihood, education reform to meet public opinion, vocational education to strengthen skills, health and health to solve people’s worries, harmony and stability to protect people’s safety, and the implementation of “one old one young” and other practical, to create a “happy new city”.Priority will be given to the construction of ecological pension Industrial Park, Shengli Community Pension Service Center and Datong West Community pension Service Center.We will create balanced counties with high quality compulsory education, promote the universal and inclusive development of preschool education, promote the diversified and distinctive development of regular senior high schools, and standardize the conduct of private education.Mulan Women’s football training base will be built in Zhangzhuang Village of Liudian Township to promote the integrated development of sports, culture, tourism and health.Yucheng Campus of Shangqiu Institute of Technology will be completed, yucheng campus of Henan Institute of Chemical Technology will be planned and constructed, and Yucheng Vocational and technical School will be started.We will deepen the reform of the medical system, improve the three-level information platform for diagnosis and treatment, promote the development of a tightly knit medical community, and promote the five-one project to integrate medical services with the five-one project.Disclaimer: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.