A shares: last night’s three good is about to ferment

2022-05-29 0 By

The recent poor performance of global stock markets is directly attributable to the growing geopolitical crisis. With the easing of the geopolitical crisis between Russia and Ukraine, global stock markets have made a rise in response!European stock market directly collective rise, the United States futures also collective rise, it seems that tomorrow A shares will continue today’s rebound momentum!It cannot be said that the suspension of one of the two hidden dangers is a great boon.A shares Tuesday end of the ecstasy is no doubt related to this, in view of the importance of this news, today’s probability continues to present A sea of joy, this time blowing cold wind is not the matter, I wish you A big win today.Just remind one sentence, the situation changes quickly, and A share of the hi point come quickly go quickly, the next half of the stone did not fall to the ground, the risk of next week has not been eradicated.In a short month, repeatedly mentioned digital economy, with the recent two days of differentiation, leading adjustment is relatively full, digital economy will be the main line throughout the year, is an important direction of the state investment, performance growth is the certainty of the field.In addition to the support and benefits of the digital economy, there are also continuous external benefits released. YouTube recently announced its plan to enter the block chain and meta-universe in 2022, which will be committed to reducing fraud in the digital art market and enriching the social experience when watching game content.Rare earth prices, which we have been paying attention to recently, continued to surge. As of yesterday, the rare earth price index stood at 426.8, up 6.2 points from yesterday, reaching a new record high.After the Spring Festival, due to the strong demand for new energy vehicles, wind power and other terminal fields, large magnetic material enterprises are basically filled with orders.Domestic rare earth purchase and storage plan is a big positive to support domestic heavy rare earth prices, the purchase and storage plan of medium heavy rare earth accounted for a large proportion of annual production.After the Spring Festival, wind turbines, new energy vehicles and other terminal areas of strong demand, increased orders.Large magnetic enterprises order full.In the long run, the valuation system of rare earth plate may face reconstruction under industrial transformation, and the logical position is not high.For more exciting content, come to The financial xiao Zhige