Alert!Don’t sweep the yard!

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Like online shopping friends have not found many express recently appeared many two-dimensional code small ads similar to ↓ don’t throw!Scan code to get 5.87 yuan, 1 yuan iPhone, 1 box of instant noodles, 3 pairs of warm socks for free…Recently, anhui Province consumer Protection Commission issued a lottery advertisement investigation report pointed out that this kind of “welfare” can not ensure the authenticity and security may also obtain personal information to get welfare small ads an astonishing number of consumers scan code and some are suspected of fraud recently,The Consumer Protection Commission of Anhui Province conducted tests, statistics and analysis on 1111 samples of express orders and found that 674 samples contained two-dimensional code small advertisements, accounting for up to 60.67%.Among them, the most appeared advertisement is the activity of “getting cash every day and making payment in seconds” on a certain platform, accounting for 39.32%.The truth found after the test such cash activities need to constantly invite friends to help, get the lottery opportunity, and then by drawing gold coins, lucky value and other continuous accumulation, exchange, interlocking, in order to achieve the purpose of full withdrawal amount.The investigation found that some people invited nearly 20 friends to help them, but still failed to withdraw cash, other participants did not withdraw cash, but they all downloaded the APP to promote the event for free.A big rotary raffle named “take piece welfare society” accounted for 22.11%.Its slogans include “Draw Huawei mobile phone”, “to draw 2 bottles of hand sanitizer” and “Don’t throw it away!Scan the code and draw 5.87 yuan “” draw vacuum cup ×1″ “draw 3 pairs of warm socks for free” “draw 1 electric kettle” and so on.After tests found the truth of the investigators in the testing process never smoking in any of the above slogan prizes, and the so-called award promotion with a clear purpose, there is no award is real advertising words mentioned in the “free”, many ads draw before all want to fill out a detailed personal information, and even a promotion content is “suspended” on suspicion of fraud.▌ To obtain consumers’ detailed personal information, a new telecom card is required, costing 19 yuan a month.☞ The name, mobile phone, address and other personal information need to be filled in, and payment on delivery, the fee is 298 YUAN.▌ In fact, “shopping subsidy” has always been available, whether or not the prize is the same, the small program has been suspected of fraud was “suspended service”.According to the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, information provided by operators should be true and comprehensive, and false or misleading publicity is not allowed.Express delivery surface list issued false TWO-DIMENSIONAL code advertising, induce consumers to scan code, infringement of consumers’ right to know and choice, its behavior has been suspected of fraud;If a consumer is induced to fill in personal information, the consumer’s right to personal information protection according to law is infringed upon, and the competent department may impose penalties on the consumer.The express company customer service response is not the express company issued to solve the survey for consumers found that Shentong, Yto, Zhongtong, Best, Yunda express surface list has a lot of “take a piece of welfare society” big wheel lottery advertising.When the investigators sought solutions to the express delivery company on the grounds that “there was no feedback after winning the prize and collecting personal information on the page”, they failed to get effective solutions.Almost all express delivery companies assume that they are not responsible for advertising as long as they do not publish it.In the consultation, some express company customer service said that because these advertisements are not the express company’s advertisements, nor are they issued by the express company, so even if consumers encounter problems, the express company can not solve them.”Advertisement law” regulation, express surface of advertising in the lists are subject to a false or misleading content to cheat and mislead consumers, regulators can give administrative punishment to the advertisers and publishers, advertising agents, damage to the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the advertisers shall bear civil liability according to law, express company will be jointly and severally liable.Express companies are obliged to review the content consumers should be careful to scan code for the problems found in this investigation, Anhui Consumer Protection Commission suggested:Courier advertisement publishers should stop fooling consumers with “welfare” as a gimmick, Courier companies have the obligation and responsibility to audit their “front” content, to ensure that the content printed on the Courier does not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, otherwise they will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post