Glory latest mobile phone looks like this!The main back shot also looks too much like the iPhone 13 Pro

2022-05-29 0 By

The honor 60 SE is the latest addition to the Honor 60 series.And just recently, this new work officially launched online booking activities, the Honor 60 SE price, some parameters and launch time and other key information has been locked accurately.According to the official announcement of the new product listing plan, Honor 60 SE will be scheduled to hold the new product live press conference on February 17, 18 will be officially the first sales, now the Honor 60 SE has been in the major e-commerce platform to start online booking, this honor new 8+128G version of the price is 2199 yuan, 8+256G price is 2499 yuan.The most controversial aspect of the Honor 60 SE is its design.Honor 50, Honor 60, And Honor 60 PRO all feature a recognizable dual-mirror design with a large aperture on the back of the main camera, but the new Honor 60 SE doesn’t follow this design style.The main camera area is surprisingly similar to the iPhone 13 Pro’s iconic “triangle” lens.Though the main perturbation area looks “thirteen” have already can’t deny, but on the whole face and body contour, 60 SE compared to 60 and 60 Pro, because the center hole surface screen and shell adopts the surface processing, after the phone still brought a strong perception of four surface, and by rendering,The Honor 60 SE still has a thin body thickness, bright black, streamer mirror, black jade green three colors are also in line with the public aesthetic.In other news, rumors aside, official specs for the Honor 60 SE include 66W flash charging, 120Hz refresh rate, 64 megapixels on the back, and the rest of the specs will be revealed before the 17th.