Vice President Jiang Xueyan visited the international students staying in school during winter vacation

2022-05-29 0 By

On February 1st, the first day of the first lunar month, Vice Dean jiang Xueyan visited the international students who stayed in school during the winter vacation and sent them New Year’s greetings.Jiang Xueyan into international students’ dormitory and self-help kitchen, with concern about the student’s life, told the students do a good job in epidemic protection, pay attention to the personal property security, reasonable arrangement good holiday study and life, also hope they with Spring Festival as an opportunity, positive experience and participate in various folk activities, strengthen the identity of the Chinese traditional culture.International students feel warm and warm from the care of the school leaders. They said that they would strictly abide by the school’s management requirements and jointly maintain campus security.Li Qi, dean of international College and Dong Min, assistant dean attended the visit.