The night of micro blog begins to warm up, Xiao Zhan is expected to win the micro blog king again, heat hegemony screen

2022-06-05 0 By

Weibo night is an activity that everyone likes very much, and there will be a warm-up period before the official start. Weibo is a social platform with a wide audience and the most frequent communication between fans and artists.Every year, there are many artists who participate in weibo night activities, and there are various works and titles. One of the awards that people pay close attention to is weibo King. In the past two years, Xiao Zhan has been awarded the title of Weibo King.Judging from this year’s warm-up data, Xiao Zhan has a great hope to be king of weibo for three consecutive years, and this result is also deserved for Xiao Zhan.The development of Xiao Zhan has been stable in the past year, and the statistics of the past year are also wonderful. This time, not only king’s weibo is very popular, but also other works of Xiao Zhan are very popular.Xiao Zhan starring “Douluo mainland” is the heat of a high work, this work is the beginning of last year when the broadcast of a play, can be said to be a year of fire.Tang SAN, played by Xiao Zhan, is also a classic role. Up to now, the TV series has been viewed more than 5.6 billion times. It has been highly popular on video platforms at home and abroad, and has also been on the list many times.The official weibo account of the night also announced the successful roles of soldiers in the year’s costume dramas, among which xiao Zhan plays Ji Chong, a character in The drama Your Highness Wolf.”Your Highness Wolf” is a role that Xiao Zhan filmed before “Chen Qing Ling” became popular, but it was not broadcast in the first time. Finally, the drama was parachuted into the air, and the whole episode was released in a short time, and friends who followed the drama shouted “wonderful”.Xiao Zhan although the play is male number two, but the heat of the contribution of the disease for this drama is not to be underestimated, although it is “love and not” male number two, Xiao Zhan will be the disease of the juvenile sense of interpretation of the very vivid.In recent years, Xiao Zhan has been very popular. After Chen Qing Ling, Xiao Zhan became popular through the role of Wei Wuxian. But in fact, there are many young male actors in the entertainment industry, and there are many male actors who become famous overnight through one work.Xiao Zhan had experienced a long period of time before the “227 incident”, Xiao Zhan also experienced all kinds of scrutiny and inspection by netizens, even though all kinds of rumors continue, Xiao Zhan is still “clear from the clear”, now Xiao Zhan is still very hot.There must be a lot of black powder will say that Xiao Zhan can have today, all because of the fans, indeed no one denies this, and all the entertainers in the entertainment circle, most of them need fans, without the support of fans, no heat is not good.And why are xiao zhan’s fans so “dead set” to support him, especially after the “227 incident”, when the rumors about Xiao Zhan spread all over the world, fans will continue to support him?This is a kind of belief, Xiao Zhan is innocent enough, and the fans are also aware of these, so after Xiao Zhan is attacked by all kinds of, the fans will believe him more, more support him, such a personality charm is not everyone can do.In a word, this time the night of micro-blog has entered the countdown, this time xiao Battle will be able to achieve good results, wait for good news!