Yunan: Carry out fire rescue practice in high-rise buildings

2022-06-05 0 By

In order to effectively prevent and control high-rise building fire hazard accidents, comprehensively improve the rapid response to fire accident ability, On the morning of January 24, Yun ‘an District organized high-rise building fire rescue actual combat drill in Shihua Square.Drill simulation, at 9:00 a.m., a fire broke out on the 12th floor of Building A2 of Shihua Plaza due to illegal parking of electric vehicles indoors. The fire spread upward rapidly along the external Windows and internal pipe Wells, and the fire burned violently, with many people trapped inside, and the trend of spreading to Building A1.After discovering the situation through the fire alarm system, the property management personnel on duty in the community will immediately report to the on-duty manager. The on-duty manager will immediately report to the 119 command center after confirming the fire situation, order the fire control room personnel to start the fire control facilities, and promptly organize the personnel of the miniature fire station to deal with it.District fire rescue brigade received the 119 command center transfer order, immediately sent 4 cars 18 people to the disposal, and according to the “Yunfu City Yunan District Fire Rescue brigade high-rise fire disposal Emergency Plan”, according to the situation of the fire, determine the response level, linkage with relevant departments to quickly arrive and request yundu Avenue special service fire station reinforcement disposal,The battalion commander shall report to the district government and the main person in charge of the district emergency bureau.Relevant units to arrive immediately after the coalition command, under the unified command of the district government, do their job, work closely to carry out rescue work, half an hour to put out all fires, no personnel casualties trapped, examined the accident area near the ditch, water, air monitoring value is normal, not contaminated, the emergency disposal staff peace, exercises a great success.He Tiande: Through this drill, the rescue level of our emergency rescue team has been enhanced. We will strengthen training to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property in our district.Chen Zongkan, director of the Natural disaster Management Unit of The Yunan District Emergency Management Bureau, said: Next, we will summarize the problems arising from the drill, and work with relevant departments to further improve the emergency plan to effectively protect the safety of people’s lives and property.Reporter: Li Liyi