Get the right way to transfer milk, jiabei Yatai White nutritious feeding worry free

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The baby changes rations, whether it is from breast milk to milk powder feeding, or for different milk powder brands, or the same brand for different segments, should be transferred to milk.If the baby does not transfer milk correctly, there is likely to be diarrhea, constipation, allergies and other problems.So the transfer of milk is not want to turn can turn, to master the right way to transfer milk.Parents who are new to Gabeet White Sheep milk powder can refer to the official interpretation of Gabeet if they encounter difficulties in milk transfer.White sheep milk powder is suitable for mixing. How to transfer milk scientifically?Breast-fed babies if breast milk to formula milk, 4-5 days in advance, coated with a little formula on the mother’s nipple, 3-4 times a day, so that the baby gradually familiar with the taste and taste of formula milk.After the baby is familiar with, the first day in the middle meal to add a flat spoon (about 30 ml) milk to the baby try.Add a spoonful of milk and a feeding session after two or three days, gradually reducing the number of breast-feeding sessions.Mixed feeding/milk powder fed baby ① mixed transfer method: mixed transfer method, is to replace the new milk powder mixed with the existing old milk powder to transfer milk.Of course, according to the mix of new milk powder from less to more, slowly increase the proportion, until completely replaced.The transition days of milk transfer and the mixing ratio of new and old formulas can be adjusted appropriately according to the situation of the baby.(2) Intermittent milk transfer method: intermittent milk transfer method is to change some milk into new milk powder in a day, the number of times from less to more, until completely accept the new milk powder.It is recommended to replace the milk every three days in the order of noon, afternoon, morning and evening until the milk transfer is completed.After replacing one meal, observe the baby for 3 days to see that there is no discomfort during this period, and then gradually increase the number of meals of the new formula.1. The speed of milk transfer can not be too fast to follow the principle of replacing a small amount of alternating milk, from less to more, so that the baby slowly adapt, generally need 1 to 2
Weeks to complete (the specific length of milk transfer depends on the actual adaptation of the baby).In the process of milk transfer, we must pay attention to observe, if the baby has diarrhea, milk vomiting and gas and other discomfort, it is necessary to suspend milk transfer.2. Don’t change milk powder too often. Every time you change milk powder, your baby’s intestines and stomach need to adjust.If the milk powder is frequently replaced, the baby is prone to milk disgust and gastrointestinal problems, long-term repeated, but also lead to malnutrition, affecting the growth and development of the baby.So before preparing to transfer milk, we should do enough homework to choose a good suitable milk powder for the baby.3. When the baby is in a healthy state, it is not suitable to transfer milk during the baby’s illness, such as diarrhea, cold and fever, one week before and after vaccination, adding new complementary food, or when the baby’s living environment changes.White sheep milk powder is rich in nutrition and has excellent feeding effect. Proper formula should be prepared before transferring milk. Mothers should not only learn the knowledge of transferring milk before transferring milk, but also choose good milk powder to avoid the occurrence of milk powder discomfort, which will lead to the occurrence of adverse symptoms after transferring milk for many times.
White sheep milk powder focus on gold feeding, contains zhuoneng nutrition group, natural A2 protein, more friendly and easy to accept;10 times natural HMO&Natural lactoferrin, provide natural protection for baby, more beneficial bacteria BB-12 + FOS/GOS prebiotics to make baby comfortable stomach, of course, educational ingredients can not be less, excellent DHA to help baby language development.Let mothers away from sensitive feeding, milk transfer anxiety, to the healthy growth of the baby to add security.Milk transfer problem is basically every baby will experience, mothers can not take it lightly, to scientific response, in order to let the baby excessive better.White Sheep milk powder with more comprehensive nutrition, help mothers and families to solve the problem of milk transfer.