Sharing a sister’s way of thinking

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He doesn’t like me, it just means I don’t meet enough people, doesn’t mean I’m not good.If I meet enough people, I’m sure I’ll meet someone who appreciates me.– Don’t put yourself down.As long as he chose me, I will be worthy of him, no matter he is a star or rich.Because he has better ones, he won’t choose me.He picked me, which proves that I’m the best he’s ever considered.– Strong sense of match.Observe more, preach less.I first dress up beautiful/gentle, see if the other party has the sincerity to pay money or energy, no I go;After I show small selfishness, see the other side can accommodate, can’t I find an excuse to break up.Focus on your own needs, be non-judgmental, less judgmental, and selective.– Self-loving and flexible.Break up I also feel loss, because I also enjoyed/happy.And my energy/time/body is the principal and ticket of falling in love. If I can’t afford it, I won’t go in to play.– Be responsible.Summary: know people to go boldly, be calm and confident together, get along with sweet mouth and ruthless, not self-pity after breaking up.Four steps down, you will be sure to choose two feelings mutually pleasing, satisfactory partner, boon conjured love, for a long time.