Software operation skills: Where is the weibo video bullet screen set?

2022-06-08 0 By

By default, after opening the video on Weibo, there is a check symbol in the comment on the lower left corner, which means that the video bullet screen is enabled. Click the comment icon to close the video bullet screen.The following shows the detailed operation steps: The operation demonstration of this content takes iphone12 as an example, the system version is ios15.2.1, and the software is Weibo When opening the video in weibo, by default, there will be a check symbol on the comment icon in the lower left corner, which is the sign that the video barrage is in the open state, and the barrage will appear at the top of the video.2. After clicking the comment icon, the check symbol of the comment will become the close symbol, and the video barrage will be closed at this time.Click again to open the barrage.Turn the barrage on or off as needed.