Sudden fire!Nanchong Urban management to come forward, sprinkler seconds into the “fire truck”

2022-06-08 0 By

They are the city management law enforcement personnel, in order to clean and orderly city, at the post;They are also the city’s “scavengers”, cleaning streets and lanes, carrying household garbage, just to create a clean and tidy environment for citizens!Occasionally, they can also when the fire guard “to protect citizens’ life and property safety, quick with small make up take a look at how this ~ 17 PM on February 11, left and right sides, HuanWeiSuo staff Tian Maowei vehicle is during operations, near the people’s livelihood yuantong street lane found hedong new garden district emergency fire, the fire is difficult to control,He drove the sanitation sprinkler seconds into the fire “fire truck” for emergency rescue.Critical moment show responsibility, the scene of the fire Tian Maowei immediately adjusted the sprinkler position, the use of sprinkler water guns at the fire position, water sprinkler, timely control will spread the fire, after more than 20 minutes of efforts, finally will be open fire.Avoided the further expansion of the fire and greater loss of property.Face scorching fire, the cloud of smoke, takatsubo chengguan no retreat, calmly, responsive and treat correctly, provides a strong support for the fire fighting work, to people’s lives and property losses to a minimum, this to support the fire fighting action, takatsubo chengguan fully shows the tail from wagging the dog, reaction, quick fighting style in time,It embodies the spirit of “especially able to bear hardships, especially able to fight, especially able to contribute”.The action of gaoping chengguan, protecting people’s life and property safety, was highly appreciated by the residents on the spot.Later, the fire department arrived at the scene, Tian Maowei continued to return to his own work, for our chengguan members praise!Gaoping city management reminds the general public 1, must always pay attention to the safety of electricity, is strictly prohibited to randomly connect wires, pay attention to the aging and damage of wires.2, avoid the use of candles and other open fire lighting, try to use flashlight and other charging equipment lighting.3, smoking indoors, pay attention to safety, after smoking to completely extinguish the fire.4, do not use the electrical appliances best unplug the power supply, so as to cut off the fire hazard, but also to save energy.5. Check whether the fire passageway in the area is unblocked, and notify electrician to deal with any lighting power failure.6. Check whether the fire passageway, fire hydrant and rolling shutter door in the area are blocked by commodity sundries, and whether the fire extinguisher is in place. If abnormal situation is found, handle it in time.Source: Gaoping District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau