Star collision unlined upper garment repair field: some rely on charming figure easily hold, some times defeat good embarrassment

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It is very common in the entertainment industry to clash with each other. For the audience, it is a kind of entertainment gossip, while for the stars, it is a tough battle, and the rule of victory and defeat is basically: who is ugly who is embarrassed.For example, Tang Yan and Wu Jinyan, a pair of classic, the clothes themselves are not good, the look and feel of the same, the rest of the pure spelling appearance level.The result has no accident, the facial features of tang Yan seconds kill the appearance level of wu Jinyan.Of course, the term “ugly” is not limited to the face, it also refers to “poor body shape.”Wu Jinyan bumped into the shirt dileba that time lost very badly.Because, beat her is not only hot ba charming and moving yan, and its small fat but human shape, and Wu Jin Yan that 44 kilograms of dry figure, can not afford to support clothes, embarrassing!Shen Meichen and Korea star Jin Zhini bump unlined upper garment, can say textbook type “figure big PK”, face latter plump upper circumference and fashionable right Angle shoulder, Shen Meichen does not have the leeway to fight back.Clothes always good shu Qi will lose zhang Zilin is the same truth, this chest hollowed out design, natural zhang Zilin is wearing more amorous feelings cough up!However, most of the time the outcome of the collision unlined upper garment, depend on temperament this piece.Wu Jinyan hit unlined upper garment Zhang Li is still lose, why?Face no other people good-looking, temperament is not good, Zhang Li is generous, Wu Jinyan but looked at pixel people on stage, good stiff.Sister Wu will lose if she meets anyone. It’s embarrassing!The same as reba, Tang Yixin and Tan Songyun that time.The latter two are both sweet girls, and this floral dress is very nice to wear innocently, but the hot bus is a failure.Because, hot ba not only appearance level blast eye, proud jiao appearance is directly to pull full gas field.By contrast, Tang Yixin, Tan Songyun appears petty gas, immediately eclipsed.But who can think of the youth beautiful hot ba, will lose to a lot of older Karen Mok?In order to strong concave big woman person set, she is very stiff from the expression to the posture, the result is instant by Mo Jie free and easy, bold and unrestrained temperament.How can I put it?The dress itself does not fit her.With Jike Junyi bump unlined upper garment that, reba is also the wrong choice of clothes, this color stripe suit is more suitable for wild school girls, and she looked too girl next door.Fortunately, Jikejuan Yi figure is not good, stout waist too deduction points, two people is a draw!There are many other examples of temperament.For instance, contain bosom hunchback, the Chen Jon of affectation of expression, lost the Zhao Liying of manner nature, posture easy.Zhang Zifeng, with a silly smile on her face, is no match for Ju Jingyi, who has adorable facial expressions and innocent eyes.The most classic is Wu Xuanyi VS Liu Wen, the posture is similar.But the former of the girl like water, in front of the latter sharp fashion style, is simply vulnerable, a model is a model, the ability to control clothes is too strong.In addition, the modeling can not be ignored.Zhang Yu Xi, Zhao Lu si, hole Xue er this “interlink bump” in, Zhang Yu Xi can lose like to send cent question, it is to hold modelling division all “blessing”, this silly gu hairstyle destroyed its originally beautiful face completely, good-looking dress circle does not come back again.As for Zhao Ruth and Kong Cher, each flower into their own eyes, the former is more cute, the latter like ice beauty.There are Wang Luodan and Shu Qi this time, is also very reference significance.Figure, appearance level are almost the case, good clothes, beautiful style Shu Qi, could have easily won, but the result is lost because of the shape, wide pant leg rolled up, it is too much of a drag, resulting in standing posture is also very limited, like Wang Luodan, simply let the pant leg mop the floor, but there is a smart natural and unrestrained.The most embarrassing moment in the history of matching clothes is the all-round inferiority.For example Zhou Dongyu bump unlined upper garment Gulina za, appearance level, temperament, figure, modelling, all enemy however!Naza looks like a sweet little princess, Zhou Dongyu looks like a boy dressed in women’s clothes, full of sense of dissonation, the neck strap is particularly shocking, this is a random knot on the scene?There is also Chen Zihan and Ju Jingyi’s clash.Ju Jingyi did not choose the right clothes, this low-cut dress is a typical mature women’s dress, you do not have a career line you can wear, you have to have that style, but she obviously does not have, dragging down the overall texture of the clothes.Chen zihan’s interpretation is much more in place. From her eyes, expressions and gestures, she seems to say: my name is written on this dress.No problem.To make matters worse, due to her height, Ju Jingyi made a strange gesture when walking on the red carpet. She felt like she would step on her skirt in a minute and fall down, while the designer cried and fainted in the toilet.It is worth mentioning that Zhang Yuqi and Jin Zhini’s contest.Arguably, type of fashionable and plump, bean Jin Zhini aura and a strong sense of love, is how to also won’t lose, but helpless Kitty zhang is also the concave and convex have send, a jiao meat, also lower the chest, small show business line, instant hot up, plus the yan yan and in every possible way if peach blossom enchanting look and gesture, too hot.Both men and women must love Chee Chee More!Of course, it’s not always a winner, as Hannah Quinlivan, Li Bingbing and Katie McGrath looked sweet, sophisticated and cool in this strapless floral gown.Between male star also can bump unlined upper garment, Zhu Yilong and xiao Zhan bump unlined upper garment many times.The most exaggerated one, hairstyle and POSE also hit, this ape dung is really a bar drop!It also sparked a war of words among fans.But both of them are good-looking, and it’s hard to tell them apart.Surprisingly, men and women also clash with each other.Zhou Zhennan and Yang Yunqing hit the whole four times, the basic is Zhou Zhennan bright eye, because his expression is too cool.All right, you win.But we are more concerned about the story behind, they belong to the same company, incredibly still can repeatedly bump into together, has not been able to say coincidence, can only say stingy money.Yang Yunqing and Xue Zhiqian have also bumped into, or the most orthodox kind: two people wear the same clothes at the same time, and are wearing glasses.They were so embarrassed that Xue even wanted to cut his sleeves to save them, but he finally accepted the reality and simply took photos to give full play to the spirit of entertainment.In men and women big bump uncut upper garment, can say “peak duel” still have to belong to Zhang Guoli and spice, really full break wall feeling!In the end, of course, the spice girls won, Mr. Zhang Guoli, we don’t care about this.Therefore, this thing looks simple, careful analysis, in fact, there are many ways, appearance level, figure, temperament, as well as the choice of modeling and style, etc., will affect play, want to win, not simple oh!If the strength is not strong enough, it is best to send a stylist to inquire about rival intelligence, to avoid collision unlined upper garment!Image from Internet