Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Qu Chunyu, Fan Kexin, Zhang Yuting 5 champions, standing on the podium

2022-06-11 0 By

China beat Hungary, Canada and Italy to win the gold medal in the mixed team short-track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 5 after a roller-coaster semi-final.It was also the first gold medal won by The Chinese delegation at this Winter Olympics.The four players in the final are Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Qu Chunyu and Fan Kexin.For the Chinese team, although the result was good, the process was not plain sailing.First, in the semifinals, several teams collided during the match.But fortunately, after the same group of the United States and the Russian Olympic Committee were judged to be a foul, The Chinese team also therefore thrilling promotion.Going into the final, The Chinese team made a small change from the semi-final, with the more experienced Fan Kexin replacing the less experienced zhang Yuting.Unfortunately, conditions similar to those in the semi-final appeared shortly after the match, but the referee stopped the match just in time to restart the match.China had been in third position for the first few laps of the final restart, but as the race progressed, they moved back into first place and gradually increased their advantage.The Hungarian and Canadian skaters crashed out of the gold medal race six laps from the bottom.After entering the last lap, in the face of the Italian players chasing, China’s most stable link Wu Dajing maintained the advantage and took the lead and finally took the gold medal firmly in hand.As the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation in this Winter Olympic Games, the Chinese team’s traditional advantage of short track speed skating did not disappoint, at home for the Chinese team to obtain honor, to the Chinese people’s pride.I believe that in the coming games, there will be more athletes and more events to win gold and silver MEDALS for China.After winning the gold medal, five Olympic champion heroes stood on the highest podium!