Shanghai “express delivery, takeaway food to stop” false news

2022-06-18 0 By

Liu Yilin,, April 6, 2014: Shanghai held its 145th press conference on epidemic prevention and control this morning.Liu Min, deputy director of the municipal Commission of Commerce, said that the news that express delivery and takeaway food would stop is not true, and the delivery platform riders are an important force for the city’s daily supplies, and play an important role in ensuring the needs of citizens.At present, the number of riders on the city’s major takeout and other e-commerce platforms is about 11,000 every day.In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Municipal Prevention and control Office, we have guided and urged food delivery and other e-commerce platforms to fulfill their primary responsibilities and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.Strengthen the standardized management of riders, do a good job of pre-job protection preparation, strengthen the personal protection of the distribution link, wear gloves, face screens, masks in the process of work, do a good job of rider protection.Starting today, frontline workers, including those who sell goods, will be tested once a day for nucleic acid and once a day for antigen.We will take effective measures to prevent and control the spread of human, property and livestock.The takeout e-commerce platforms are required to do a good job in eliminating all kinds of places and tools, organize takeout sites to apply for “place code” through the application APP, and do a good job in the prevention, control and verification of personnel health management.At the same time, the enterprise emergency disposal plan, once abnormal detection occurs, timely organize relevant personnel transfer and site elimination, strive to resume operations as soon as possible.Next, in order to further improve the operation capacity of the takeout e-commerce platform, we will also organize riders to live and serve at designated places to release the delivery capacity.(Liu Yilin)