A couple in Henan province had an argument over sharing drinks, leaving the husband in tears

2022-06-19 0 By

A video of a woman in Central China’s Henan province showing her mother bringing drinks to her father and daughter, only to reject her father’s offer because it was too high in sugar, has gone viral online, sparking heated debate among netizens.The couple live in a village in Pingdingshan, Henan Province.Mother saw that there were still a lot of drinks left, so she took them out and asked if anyone wanted a drink.Both father and daughter offered to have a taste, but the mother threw one to her daughter, then refused to give it to her father because it was too high in sugar.This can put the father wronged bad, I saw him wronged shouted, I have not drunk, I also want to taste, drink a sweet death I can not.As soon as the words fell, mother and daughter laughed into a ball, and finally the daughter is more sensible, gave his bottle to his father.When my father took it, his face changed and he enjoyed it.After seeing the scene, many netizens said it was hilarious.One netizen said he would cry if the girl didn’t hand over the drink.Another user said the proud expression on the father’s face as he drank the drink was so cute.Another netizen said, this is love, henan men are like this, even afraid of the wife to use the voice of lofty mountains and rivers.Xiao Qi has words: have to say, this kind of sweet husband and wife get along way is really too enviable.A harmonious and beautiful love needs to be maintained by both husband and wife, and henpecked in a sense is also a man’s loyalty and submission to love.If you can meet a man like this, don’t miss it, after all, there are not many men who can say the softest things with the strongest tone.