Oldest hat-trick maker in La Liga, oldest assist in Europa League, natural matador

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At betis, Joaquin is out of the lineup, having played just 108 minutes in 24 games in La Liga this season, but that’s not a sad thing, because the 40-year-old Spanish star is a surprise to be playing at Europe’s top level.But at the same time, in the passage of time smell the taste of farewell.Joaquin has admitted more than once that this is his last season, but before he retires, he has the right to embellish his career’s last dance, which is probably a veteran’s style.Joaquin did not win the man of the match award as betis upset Zenit in the first leg of the Europa League play-off, but he made his mark in the starting line-up, becoming the oldest assist in Europa League history at the age of 40 years 211 days.Joaquin, though on the fringe in La Liga, has struggled to put the last bullet in the cup when needed. With two goals and four assists this season, joaquin does not look like a man on the verge of retirement, as he did in just eight minutes to deliver the cutlar of the full Moon.To enjoy the old boy’s sense of time and youth, this is joaquin’s most sincere farewell letter, and also the spiritual motivation to fully fulfill his “Betis people”. For him, Betis is all.From young fame to hero of 22 years career, betis are witnesses, although not perfectly realize the lifetime, but loyal already thorough popular feeling, that be crispy Fried chicken joaquin had the chance to join real Madrid or become jose mourinho’s guest, although he struggled, but a pity compared with lifelong belief, isn’t worth mentioning.In the memory of this paragraph of the past, more certain of his life betis love of the identity.”I came here at a very young age, I learned to love, to enjoy life, to face difficulties and to cry. I learned a lot here, and that makes me who I am. Betis is my whole life.”Although his desire to be a matador was rejected by his parents, Joaquin, who always appeared at Lopera stadium, has found the most suitable arena for him and is honored to retire as a Betis player.2000 debut joaquin young appearance fuzzy in the years of change, but in the Spanish second division league when he and his 17 has become a memory of the first light, to help the betis after return to la liga, he got a bigger talent platform authentication and rendering, the uefa champions league and touch up the king’s cup is a series of reaction,Joaquin, too, has made his mark after being selected for the Spanish national team.Originally thought that the journey will only instill passion and blood, but sadness has also made him unable to move, for example, in South Korea and Japan in the World Cup encountered black whistle, leaving a lonely figure;Parting with Bettis on bad terms, leaving behind the regret of love.Our memories get diluted over time, but they’re still a scar that gets stuck in our throat every time we talk about them.Before the age of 25, Joaquin had already felt the ultimate gain and loss, although it did not affect his “genius” title, but how to re-accept himself has become a heavy topic.To the Spanish national team, although joaquin 52 appearances, but have not really redeemed himself in 2002, is to the real betis, since 2015, after the handover, but wake up the beauty of regret, reunited and recovered after mixed mood, “I’ll be in my way to enjoy football” was really understand for about an old boy Shouting the truth.The cheers of the fans and the surging of the heart are creating the continuation of the dream back to the past, but when he interprets his journey home as a person who has experienced it, Joaquin knows better than anyone that strength is the basis for extending his feelings. Therefore, at the age of retirement, joaquin against the current allows people to identify with the new standard that “age is just a number”.At 36 years and 57 days, Joaquin became betis’ oldest scorer in La Liga;At 38 years, 140 days, Joaquin became la Liga’s oldest hat-trick maker. At 39 years, 230 days, Joaquin became the oldest head scorer in the five major leagues for a decade.Record is blood not cool support, besides the also peppered with joaquin against valencia in the middle of the corner directly the drama of the score, and won the fans in the nou camp applause, grow old in this matter, joaquin is not zlatan ibrahimovic as extreme as the same age, but as la liga’s oldest player, as the typical representative of the evergreen tree a little too much.Moreover, before the end of the last dance, Joaquin brought the story of “the myth of youth” to the Europa League before his retirement, which itself is also a rare gorgeous.Almost every summer, we all want to habit goodbye, sorry to miss, cherish and cherish, maybe there are some lovely fans will derive “if joaquin younger” idea, but did not create premise assumption, in this world is more of a “ok”, determine the retired joaquin will continue to maintain his betis composer,Don’t forget that he owns 2 per cent of Betis;Make sure Joaquin compensates for his youth by trying to become a matador.You see, the time in a hurry only regrets of the past, when we looked around, joaquin and his kingdom of betis have been, just changed a identity be remembered, and now the wind has been at betis in la liga, this is joaquin last dance of the satisfaction to himself, then, should have hurt spring come into my autumn farewell in the optimist joaquin’s view, is a veteran and days after the conventional process.