It’s too timely for spring!Party secretary sends “New Year greetings” gift package

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At 5:30 in the morning of February 5, the day is not bright, Nanchang Bureau Ganzhou works section longnan line workshop party branch secretary Lu Xinbo hand carrying a big red bag, and longnan line work area of 3 party members, party activists together, by the engineering car to Dingnan “New Year”.At 5:55 in the morning, they arrived in dingnan line work area, on duty monitor, party activist Ye Yongming quickly greeted: “Everyone happy New Year!Secretary Lu, the tools are ready. There are few people for the New Year. Thanks to your support!However, the construction time is tight and the task is heavy…”Lv xinbo smiled mysteriously and said, “Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month. We came to pay New Year’s greetings to the brothers on duty on behalf of the workshop.Open the bag and look!”Ye Yongming opened the bag and cried happily: “Wow, this’ gift package ‘is so timely!Work area what goods also do not lack, lack of light lithium electric wrench, today with it, do not have to worry about the assault task is not good!””The Spring Festival is the day of reunion of The Chinese people, in order to ensure the quality and safety of the festival equipment, today we organize party members commandos, must timely eliminate the machine vibration ⅲ level down 2007+970 meters before and after the 100 meters of equipment disease.”Lv Xinbo, who has 19 years of party years, is the person in charge of fault construction today. He has carried out a comprehensive arrangement in terms of work items, task division and safety expectation.At 6:20, after 15 minutes of turbulence, members of the Party commandos, with tools and led by Lu xinbo, followed the country road to the construction destination and waited on the railway shoulder for construction orders.At 6:28, the fault lockdown order was issued, and everyone took their positions according to the division of labor.”Da da da…”The roar of portable lithium wrenches unfastening fasteners pierced the morning silence;”Pungpungpungi…”The sound of the collision of the hydraulic rail jacking machine drives the cold in the field;”Tz-tz-tz…”The spatula hits the rail, and the horizontal rubber pads are inserted into the bottom of the rail accurately.”Tittle tittle…”Hydraulic rail hoist to deflate and reposition the rail.A process linked, the scene is busy.In order to ensure the elimination of disease within 30 minutes, the party members tightened the bolts, without wiping the sweat on their forehead, and quickly back to check the quality of the line equipment.At 6:58, the fault construction is over, the construction person in charge issued a line opening instruction, 8 members of the Party members commando carrying machinery and tools.Soon a train roared up into the morning light.Watching it smoothly from the side through, members of the Party members of the commando long sigh of relief.”Come on, let’s go back and change into dry clothes before we catch cold.”In lyuxinbo’s reminder, we speed up the pace of the road.Source: Gannan Daily writer: Yang Yingqing Liang Weidong all media reporter Yu Shufu article/picture editor: Xiong Xiaoqin proofread: Peng Fang Duty director: Liu Fen editor: Xie Yunsheng